Mayor of Islington re-opens Archway Park

Islington Council invited the local families and children to celebrate the re-opening of Archway Park on 30th September. The event included the official opening by the Mayor of Islington as well as juggling, plate spinning, face painting and multi-sport activities.

The new park seeks to revitalise and re-establish Archway Park as a thriving community space, complementing the public realm improvements set out in the Archway Development Framework. This has been achieved through a range of creative landscape improvements, appealing to a wide range of local users and visitors including a refurbished sports court and play features. Key objectives included: increasing the ratio of green space to hard surfaces; making the park more attractive and accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds; improving the safety and security of visitors to the park; strengthening the value of the park for healthy recreation; and, improving the ecological value of the park.