Re-think Athens


Re-think Athens

Onassis Foundation


Holistic strategy to define the new city centre as a distinctive place within the Greek capital

The project is based on the idea of the tree lined boulevard and the creation of a series of revitalised public spaces.

Burns + Nice proposed a green ring of trees which unifies and defines the new city centre as a distinctive place within the city. Glades highlight high profile historic buildings and create spaces for a variety of urban events. The boulevard concept extends to connect with new and existing avenues of trees linking nearby parks and green spaces as shaded green routes bringing fresh air and nature into the heart of the city. 

Promoting sustainable mobility, the project includes the extension of a tram line and the re-organisation of vehicular traffic. The design approach developed was holistic, integrating paving, street furniture, lighting, planting, public art and wayfinding and included proposals for the re-use of empty buildings and the introduction of urban farming.