Riverside Walk Strategy


Riverside Walk Strategy

City of London


Enhancement and management strategy for a public/private corridor of open space along the River Thames

Burns + Nice were commissioned to produce a comprehensive strategy for the enhancement and management of the Riverside Walk within the City of London as it extends from Victoria Embankment to Tower Pier.

It proposes a range of improvements to this prominent open space corridor along the River Thames, which is part of the Thames Path National Trail. The walkway encompasses 16,000m2 of open space and the importance of the River Thames and its shore-line for wildlife is highlighted by its designation as a Site of Metropolitan importance in terms of Nature Conservation.

The strategy offers the opportunity to create a high quality riverside environment dealing with both public and private space in a coherent manner. The aims of the strategy are to provide universally accessible connections between the riverside and the rest of the City and new and improved green spaces to enhance people’s enjoyment of the Thames. 

The strategy provides for:

  • A more spacious, better connected and continuous walkway along the water’s edge away from the busy traffic corridors and with new entrances and active frontages facing the River
  • A fully accessible walkway including accessible routes into the City of London
  • Public art, activities and spaces to host events such as the City of London Festival and Thames Festival and increase the vibrancy of the walkway
  • Open spaces for people to enjoy with planting and increased greenery to soften the environment and strengthen biodiversity along the riverside.
Riverside Walk Strategy
Riverside Walk Strategy